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Topics: Medicine, Health care, Insurance Pages: 4 (1441 words) Published: September 24, 2012
When I volunteered to take on an externship for my last semester before graduating, I never thought of exactly how much the experience would have such a large impact on how I look at my future. During my 11 months here at Miller-Motte, I endured many hardships in my personal life and I definitely could have taken the easy way out during those times and just skipped out on my externship but I am so thankful that I pushed myself to realize that I can and will complete my program. By completing an externship, students get hands-on experience and teaching that one may never receive from classroom instruction. I believe by completing this externship and applying the knowledge I learned from my textbooks, it has given me the confidence to know that I do possess not all, but at least some of the basic billing and coding skills I need to someday become a very successful Medical Coder. It was very important to me that I become familiar with the medical billing and coding software and not just read about it because I came to learn that the software I was working with is nothing like Medisoft at school. I am extremely happy that I picked Medical Billing and Coding as my career field because during my externship, I interacted with many elderly patients and when their health insurance does not cover certain services, it really makes you want to advocate for adequate health coverage. We as medical billers and coders should thoroughly explain to patients what their health insurance will cover and will not cover so they are not burdened with unexpected medical expenses that they are in no way in the right financial situation to pay. It is truly amazing how many patients believe that their health insurance covers 90% of expenses when in reality, they are lucky if it even covers half. Health insurance changes quickly and we should be aware of that. My mother had a heart attack in February and thank God my mom had health insurance under my father’s Tricare insurance but when he...
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