Explaining Relationships

Topics: Learning, Developmental psychology, Play Pages: 2 (744 words) Published: March 7, 2013
Cassandra Merrill
Instructor: Eng-105 Composition I
March 1, 2013

Explaining Relationships
A relationship is referred to as a correlation between two variables about the types of relationships; it could mean two things, the nature of the relationship or the nature of the relationship with the structure of it. For example; my nine year old son and the computer have been companions since he was four years old. The reason he and the computer are like companions is because he has been playing educational games, watches educational shows, and listens to music of his choice. The educational games have helped with communication skills, verbal language, and congestive areas that he needed to improve including speech. I have noticed ever since he has learned to use the computer to play the educational games it has helped with his coordination, verbal skills, and has helped in brain development. He likes to watch movies and listen to music as well on the computer. These have also helped him in developing better communication skills because his choice of vocabulary has become wider range. Helping him to communicate better with his parents, teachers, and peers. When he watches his movies, plays his games, or listening to music it changes his attitude, mood, and he becomes smooth and serene. The relationship between my son and the computer is a variable of the two. I say this because this kind of relationship can have different values. Meaning that the variable of this gender can consist of two values, like a human and an object. Another important difference in having to do with the term variable is the difference between an independent and dependent variable. This distinction is particularly relevant when investigating the cause and effect relationships. In this case, the boy and the computer would be a cause and effect relationship. Why? Because the boy is eager to learn through the processes of using the computer being the effect in the relationship. The...
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