Excretory System

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  • Published : November 14, 2012
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Excretory system
Excretion is the removal of waste products of metabolism from our body system. Contents
1 Excretory functions
2 Component organs
o2.1 Lungs
o2.2 Kidneys
o2.3 Ureter
o2.4 Urinary bladder
o2.5 Urethra
o3 Urine formation4
Reasons For Excretion
The excretory system removes metabolic and liquid toxic wastes as well as excess water from the organism, in the form of urine,sweat,urea or bile. This is important so as to help maintain balance within the organism and prevent damage to m the body. As your body performs the many functions that it needs in order to keep itself alive, it produces wastes. These wastes are chemicals that are toxic and that if left alone would seriously hurt or even kill you. For example, as your cells break down amino acids, they produce a dangerous toxin known as urea. The cells of your body excrete this urea into your blood Excretory organs

Skin is an excretory organ. The regulation of body temperature causes it to produce sweat which contain urea surplus water, salts and other waste . Lungs
One of the main functions of the lungs is to diffuse gaseous wastes, such as carbon dioxide, from the bloodstream as a normal part of respiration


The kidney's primary function is the elimination of waste from the bloodstream by production of urine. They perform several homeostatic (metabolic balance) functions such as:- 1.Maintain volume of extracellular fluid

2.Maintain ionic balance in the blood
3.Maintain pH concentration of the blood.
4.Excrete toxic metabolic by-products such as urea, ammonia, and uric acid. The way the kidneys do this is with nephrons inside the glomeruli. There are over 1 million nephrons in each kidney, these nephrons act as filters inside the kidneys. The kidneys filter needed materials and waste, the needed materials go back into the bloodstream, and unneeded materials becomes urine and is gotten rid of. In some cases, excess wastes crystallize as kidney...
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