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  • Published : April 4, 2013
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To make a line break in a cell (not everything fits well within a cell) -type first part then press alt+enter and then type the rest, it'll put the rest on second line when you hit enter

In a cell the number '1' is equivelent to 100%

Excel stores dates as serial numbers starting at 1 (which is January 1, 1900) so 9/15/2012 is 41167 (the number of days from 1/1/1900 to 9/15/2012)

To adjust colum width (the horizontal measurement of a column) -Click "Format" in cells group (on Home tab) then select colum width, type a value in the Column width box then click ok

To hide a colum or row (for confidential info, etc.) click "Format" in the Cells group, point to Hide & Unhide) and select "Hide Columns or Hide Rows", right click the colum or row heading(s) you want to hide and then select "Hide" -To hide multiple rows or columns, drag across the adjacent column or row headings and press and hold down Control while you click the column or row headings

--To Unhide, to unhide column A or row 1, type A1 in the Name Box, then press Enter. Click Format in the Cells group, point to Hide & Unhide, then select Unhide Columns or Unhide Rows to display column A or row 1, respectively

Horizontal Alighnment-positions data between the left and right cell margins Vertical Alignment-positions data between the top and bottom cell margins

Wrap Text, enagles a label to appear on multiple lines within the current cell. -When you click it (in the "Alignment" group, Excel wraps the textg on two or more lines within the cell

Order of precendence controls the sequence in which Excel performs operations Try to remember -PLEASE EXCUSE MY DEAR AUNT SALLY- (Parentheses, Exponentiation, Multiplication or Division and then Addition or Subtraction)

example: A1 IS 10 AND A2 IS 5...Formula =A1+A2*A3 (THAT IS 5 X 2=10) tHE PRODUCT 10 IS THEN ADDED TO 10 STORED IN CELL A1 SO THE RESULT IS ...20...

Auto Fill enables you to copy the contents of a cell or cell...
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