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Computer studies
1.(a) Purpose of registers in a computer systems.
To temporarily hold data that is waiting to be processed or after processing. 1mk

(b) Types of register found in the central processing unit. - Addressing register
- Storage register1mk

2.Comparison between a data matrix and a laser printer.
Dot matrix – Low print quality, noisy, Low cost
Laser – High print quality, quiet, costly 3mks

3.Convert 3BD16 to Octal
3 – 0111D – 1101
B – 1011
3BD16 = 01110111101 = 767583mks
7 6 7 5

4.(a) Importance of internet to society
- Enhances commerce
- Improved communication2mks

(b) Challenges that internet has brought to society
- Individual privacy cannot be guaranteed
- Moral and cultural issues have been greatly affected - Security as a lot of information can be accessed from the internet.2mks

5.Difference between
(i) Validaty integrity
The data entered is valid1mk
(ii) Entity integrity
Data is entered in the correct field1mk
(iii) Referential integrity
All records entered in the related tables exist in the primary table1mk

6.Computer crimes taking place in the society
- Hacking
– Cracking
- Eaves dropping
- piracy2mks

7. Three coding systems in computer processing.

8.(a) Application areas of spreadsheets.
- Accounting
- Forecasting
- Statistical analysis
- In mathematical and scientific fields.2mks

(b) Formulae of the following with reference to cell G20, = F10 + G20 = F10 + &G&201mk

9.Modular programming and its advantages.
Modular programming is breaking of a program into componets.
- Flexible
- Easier to read and modify2mks

10.Possible ways of fitting the document in one page.
- Reduce the line spacing
- Adjust the left and right margins
- Reduce the font size.3mks

11.Functions of each of the following
(a) Network protocol
Rules that govern the flow of information in a network.1mk
(b) Hub
Connects the server and network devices.1mk

12.Difference between the following
(a) Input mask and design
Input mask automatically formats the field entry into a specifies form. Design sets the field and data type.2mks
(b) Table and query
Table is a database structure used to hold related records
Query – statement used to extract, change, analyze or request specific data from one or more tables.2mks 13.Factors to be considered when purchasing an operating system. - Authenticity

- Documentation
- User friendliness
- Cost2mks

14.An algorithm to compute the area of a triangle
Startarea = Pie (3.142) x radius x radius
Read RadiusPrint Radius

15.Artificial intelligence is
Branch of computer that is concerned with the development of machines that emulate human like qualities such as learning, researching, communicating, seeing and hearing.2mks

Section B. (60 marks)
16.(a) What would the flowchart generate as output if the value of N at input was:
(i) 6?
(ii) 1?

(b) Pseudocode that does the same thing as the flow chart above
Read N
Initialize M to 1
F to 1
Calculate F = F x M
IF M = N Then
Print, F
Else M = M + 1
End IF

(c) Modify the flow chart so as to reject an input below O and to avoid the looping when the input is O4mks

17.(a) Two ways in which a computer can represent a positive and negative number 2mks...
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