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As a nurse or any health care provider one should support people with the same respect he/she would want for oneself or 
a member ones family
Treat each person as an individual by offering a personalized service

There has been a growing interest in, and concern about, dignity, or rather the lack of it, in care services Champions are committed to taking action, however small, to create a care sys- tem that has compassion and respect for its clients. Each champion’s role varies depending on their knowledge, influence and the type of work they do. They include health and social care managers and frontline staff. They also include doctors, dieticians, porters, care workers in care homes, Members of Parlia- ment (MPs), councillors, members of local action groups and local involve- ment networks (LINks), people from voluntary and advocacy organisations, people who use care services and their relatives and carers as well as

members of the public (DH, 2009b).

The notion of dignity conserving care, while emerging primarily from palliative care, applies across the broad spectrum of medicine. Whether patients are young or old, and whatever their health problems, the core values of kindness, respect, and dignity are indispensable. Just as the simple “A, B, C” mnemonic (airway, breathing, and circulation) effectively summarises the fundamentals of critical care, an easily remembered core framework of dignity conserving care—the A, B, C, and D of dignity conserving care—may remind practitioners about the importance of caring for, as well as caring about, their patients.16

Dignity and the essence of medicine: the A, B, C, and D of dignity conserving care Harvey Max Chochinov, professor, department of psychiatry, University of Manitoba.

1. Healthcare providers have a profound influence on how patients experience illness and on their sense of dignity 2. Dignity conserving care has an important effect on the experience of patienthood

The A, B,...
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