Examples of Literature Reviews (School Level)

Topics: Nutrition, Health, Meal Pages: 1 (328 words) Published: April 20, 2013
1. Article- Healthy Eating at the Cinema?
Author Unknown
March 22, 2010.
This is a media article found on the internet, which relates in many ways to my report. It explores the idea that healthier snacks need to be introduced into candy bars at the cinema and that changing eating habits may be vital for our health in the next decade. The article suggests a range of healthier options that should be considered to be consumed at the cinema before the choice is made to purchase unhealthy convenience foods. This is important in my report because it conveys the impacts of eating whilst at a visual media (cinema) which relates well with my question. http://www.smartnutrition.co.uk/healthy-eating-at-the-cinema 2. Article- TV watching, Family Meals and Neighbouring Effects on Children’s weight. Author Unknown

January 3, 2007.
This research article relates to my report as it identifies and interprets statistics relating to children watching television. They found that children who watch more television and eat fewer family meals are more likely to be overweight. The article concludes that when families are aiming to prevent childhood weight problems they “should attend to children’s time spent with screen media…the frequency of family meal times”, as this will impact on individuals in the future, causing their physical wellbeing to suffer. http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2007/01/070103201703.htm 3. Video- How eating snacks or dinner while watching TV effect’s your family? Dr Diana Zuckerman

This short 2 minute video explores the ideas of eating in front of the television/computer and the negative impacts of this bad habit such as becoming overweight and unhealthy. It further discusses the effects this has on family. This video has important information which I can include in my report related to the negative impact of eating whilst watching visual media....
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