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MIDDLESEX UNIVERSITY EXAMINATION PAPER 2010/2011 Winter/Spring term May 2011 Novel Interaction Technologies CMT3321 Bob Fields / Mark Springett ___________________________________________________________________ Time allowed: Total number of questions: Instructions to candidates: 2 Hours 3 Answer any two questions All questions carry equal marks

As this examination is also being taken overseas, candidates will NOT be permitted to leave the examination room within the first two hours. Materials provided: Equipment permitted: Total number of pages: None None 4

No books, papers or electronic devise are permitted to be brought into the examination room other than any specified above. Candidates are warned that illegible scripts will not be marked


May 2011

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Question 1 
(a) Describe the key features of Tangible User Interfaces, comparing and contrasting them with multi-touch interactive surfaces. [ 10 marks ] Consider the following scenario: The Tangible Disaster Simulation System is a collaborative tool for planning disaster measures based on simulations of disasters and responses such as evacuation and the actions of emergency services. Users can define parameters of a disaster (such as its scale and severity) and of the emergency measures (such as the location and capacity of shelters or the effectiveness of emergency services). The system will be able to simulate the progress of a disaster situation and present information about likely outcomes. Describe a design concept for a tangible interactive system that will facilitate such collaborative, interactive exploration of the consequences of disaster situations. In your description, explain, with diagrams if helpful, the elements of your design, interactive technologies that will be used and the tasks to be supported, including appropriate justification. [ 20 marks ] (c) Describe a plan for how an evaluation of such a design could...
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