Exam Review Chaps 1,2,4,5

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Unit 1 Review (Chapters 1,2,4,5)

1. Define psychology.
-scientific study of behavior and mental process( thinking,mind) 2. Name the 4 goals of psychology.
3. When was the first psychology lab created and by whom?
-Wilhelm Wundt,Germany 1879
4. What is Structuralism and who is the theorist that developed it?
-structure of mind
- Edward Titchener
5. What is Functionalism and who developed it?
-how mind lets people adapt,live,work, and play
-William James
6. What is Sigmund Freud’s theory about the two parts of the mind?
-Psychoanalysis , unconscious (unaware) , childhood experiences trying to overcome 7. Gestalt is famous for looking at the “Big Picture. What is the saying that goes with this?

8. What is behaviorism? Who were two theorists that developed it?
-science oof behavior observable only
-Ivan Pavlov
-John B. Watson (followed ^ his work )
9. What is Humanism and who were it's main proponents?
-"free will" people choose their own destiny , best you can be
-Abraham Maslow
-Carl Rogers
10. What was the top goal of Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs?
- self-actualization, full poterntial, best of person that can be 11. What is a case study?
-study of one person in great detail
12. What is a survey?
-researchers ask a series a series of questions about a topic 13. What is naturalistic observation?
-watching behavior in their normal/ natural environment
14. In experimental research, what are "single blind" and "double blind" studies?
-single-blind: participant doesn't know what they are getting
-double-blind: neither participant NO ONE know who is getting what REDUCE THE PLACEBO EFFECT-expectation of participant to not influence behavior 15. What is a hypothesis?
- tentative explanation of something based on observations
16. What is operational terms in research?

17. What is the definition of theory?

18. What is the independent variable?
- variable that is being manipulated by the experimenter
19. What is the dependent variable?
-represents the measured response or behavior of subjects in experiment 20. What is "informed consent" and why is it important in research experiments?
-researchers have to explain the study to the people they want to include before they do anything to them if children in terms the participant can understand .infants have parents consent - ethical treatment,people volunteering know that no physical or psychological harm would be done to them. 21. What is a correlation when talking about research?

-measure of the relationship of 2 or more variables, how they are related to each other 22. Does correlation prove causation? Explain your answer.
because there is a correlation doesn't mean its the cause of,might be a 3rd factor to be determined
23.‭ ‬What is a neuron‭?
-basic cell that sends and recieves messages in the nervous system 24.‭ ‬List the parts of a neuron and their functions.
-dendrites:branch-like structures that recieve messages
-soma:cell body,maintains cell life
-axon:long tube-like structure carries nueral messages to other cells 25.‭ ‬What is a synapse‭? (synaptic gap)
- microscopic fluid-filled space between the synaptic knob of one cell and the surface (dendrite) of the next cell 26.‭ ‬What are glial cells and what do they do‭?
-grey fatty cells,
-provides support for neurons to grow on and around (protection) -produce myelin to coat axons
-deliver nutrients to neurons
27.‭ ‬What are neurotransmitters and what function do they serve‭? -chemical found in synaptic vessel,when realesed has effect on another cell -transmit a message
28.‭ ‬How do morphine and other opiates function in the brain as agonists‭? ‭-they mimic or enhance the effects f a neurotransmitters ,increase s or decreases...
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