Exam 1 Review

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________ cavities are spaces between bones.
D) Synovial

Which of the following is an example of catabolism?
B) break down of glycogen into individual glucose molecules

A long chain of simple sugars would be a:
A) polysaccharide.

Which of the following statements is most correct of homeostatic imbalance? C) It is considered the cause of most diseases.

The figure below represents a nucleic acid. In humans, the majority of it is synthesized by aerobic cellular respiration. It is the ultimate source of energy for biochemical reactions in a cell. .


A. Anaphase|
B. Telophase|
C. Metaphase|
D. Late prophase|
E. Early prophase|

B Chromosomes decoil to form chromatin.
E Centrioles move to opposite ends of the cell.
A Chromosomal centromeres split and chromosomes migrate to opposite ends of the cell. C Chromosomes align on the spindle equator.
D Nuclear membrane and nucleolus disintegrate.

Carbohydrates are stored in the liver and muscles in the form of this polysaccharide: B) glycogen.

B) contain some of the code necessary for their own duplication.

Human cells have a pH range of ________.
D) 7.35 - 7.45

Globular proteins:
B) exhibit tertiary structure.

Which of the following would best describe potential energy? D) glucose being stored in a glycogen molecule

Why is water a good solvent?
D) because it is strictly made of covalent bonds

Which of the following statements is true concerning feedback mechanisms? D) Negative feedback mechanisms work to prevent sudden severe changes within the body.

Which of the following is a concept of the cell theory?
D) A cell is the basic structural and functional unit of living organisms.

The RNA responsible for bringing the amino acids to the "factory" site for protein formation is the: C) tRNA.

If a tRNA had an AGC anticodon, it could attach to a(n) ________ mRNA codon. A) UCG

The term used to describe the type of solution in which cells will lose water to their environment is C) hypertonic

If cells are placed in a hypertonic solution containing a solute to which the membrane is impermeable, what could happen? C) The cells will lose water and shrink.

Which of the following best defines the atomic weight?
C) an average of the relative weights of all isotopes of an element, taking into account their relative abundance in nature

DNA replication:
D) takes place during interphase of the cell cycle.

The anatomical position is characterized by all of the following except: A) palms turned posteriorly.
B) arms at sides.
C) thumbs pointed laterally.
D) body erect.

Which of the following statements is correct regarding diffusion? A) The greater the concentration of gradient, the faster the rate of diffusion.

A parasagittal plane is:
D) any sagittal plane except the median.

Your appendix would lie in which quadrant?

A vertical section through the body, dividing it into left and right, is called: D) sagittal.

Salts are always:
D) ionic compounds.

The endomembrane system is:
B) an interactive system of organelles whose membranes are physically or functionally connected.

Match the following:

A. Ribosomes|
B. Nucleoli|
C. Microtubules|
D. Nucleus|
E. Endoplasmic reticulum|

E Plays a role in the synthesis of steroid-based hormones and proteins. B Dense spherical bodies in the nucleus that are the synthesis site for ribosomal RNA. A The actual site of protein synthesis.

C Hollow cytoskeletal elements that act as organizers for the cytoskeleton. D Houses DNA and RNA.

Which of the following would best reflect the status of a patients homeostasis? A) measuring their blood pressure
B) all of the above
C) monitoring their respiratory rate
D) taking their temperature

The posterior side of the patella would be called:
A) popliteal.

Which body cavity contains the pleural and pericardial cavities? A) thoracic cavity

Amino acids...
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