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EvolutionLab Report

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Use this document to report your findings from the EvolutionLab Exploration Experiment. The lab report consists of three sections: Data, Exploration, and Lab Summary.

Data: copy any data, graphs, charts, or notes that you have saved in your EvolutionLab online notebook into this section. Exploration: Answer the questions. The questions in the Exploration section are the same questions in your EvolutionLab instructions. Lab Summary: Write a 100- to 200-word summary.


To copy your data from your online notebook into this section, click on Export Graph and then copy and paste your data into this section. You must disable your pop-up blocker before exporting. Identify each set of data with a title.


Answer the following questions in fewer than 100 words:

Activity 1: Modes of Natural Selection

What type of selection is taking place on Wallace Island? Explain.

Directional Selection is taking place. The beak size is increasing on Wallace Island from 11.85 to 19.13, and the population is increasing as well. This is because there are more seeds available that the birds can eat.

What type of selection is taking place on Darwin Island? Explain.

Directional selection is taking place. The beak size increases slowly, from 12.47 to 26.95. The population decreased because of the lack of seeds available for the birds to eat.

Explain the reason for any differences in population numbers between the two islands.

The population increased on Wallace island because there were more seeds for the birds to eat, meaning there was more of a chance for them to survive and reproduce. The population decreased on Darwin island because there were no seeds for the birds to eat and without an abundant food supply they...
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