Evolution and Microbiology

Topics: DNA, Organism, Bacteria Pages: 3 (424 words) Published: February 14, 2013
Evolution and Microbiology

Name: Sara Reed
Grade: MYP2
Subject: Biology
Teacher: Lana Brkic

The Big Bang The Creation

The Big Bang:
* 15 billion years ago, universe created in explosion
* 5 billion years ago, Earth was created
* Beginning Earth was hot, molten spinning ball, as it became cooler, it became more and more solid * No water on surface, and atmosphere wasn’t formed
* Evidence:
1. Universe still expanding
2. Space full of cosmic radiation
3. Hydrogen & HeliumMost common elements in universe
4. New starsborn, Old starsdie
The oceans:
* 5 oceansAtlantic, Indian, Pacific and Southern
* Developed when earths temp. dropped under 100°c
* They are salty because minerals are dissolved in water * Oceans dissolve 40%-50% of carbon dioxide produced by burning fossil fuels * Plants in ocean preform photosynthesis and make sure there is enough oxygen Development of living world:

* Paleontology science which studies fossils
* FossilsPreserved Old traces, remains of living organisms from the past * Earth’s eras (4)
* 4.5 billion-570 mil
* Earth, oceans were created, earth cooled down, atmosphere started to form * Algae & bacteriafirst life
* Corals, sponges & snailsfirst animals
* 570 mil-225 mil
* Beginningonly sea animals & plants
* Laterfirst fish, amphibians, early reptiles & giant insects, first land animals & plants

* 225 mil-65 mil
* Dinosaurs, first mammals and birds, pine trees and ferns, first traces of flowering plants 4. CENOZOIC ERA
* 65 mil-now
* Development of birds and mammals (first traces), flowering plants developed, traces of man * ‘’Mammals era’’
* Reproduce (x)=Replicate (√)
* Viruses are organisms on the border of living and non-living world...
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