Everything's Arranged

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Monday, February 14, 2005
Plot summary - Everything's Arranged
Siew Yue Killingley in Everything’s Arranged, tell about a Ceylonese girl named Rukumani that having secret affair with a Ceylonese boy named Devanayagam while studying at University. Both of them love each other deeply. As they went for longs term vacation, their secret affair discovered by their parents. The story tell about how these young couple, especially Rukumani have struggle and suffer because of their family members, relatives and their community as they try to get together in life. Her marriages were arranged against her own wish.The main characters in this story are Rukumani and Devanayagam. Meanwhile, the other characters are Johnny Chew, Amy Wong, Mr. Sambanthan, Susheela, Nadarajah, Rukumani’s mother and grandmother, Devanayagam’s father and Auntie Sally. As from the story, the setting of the story might be around early stage after our country’s independence. During that time, love marriages are still alien to Indian cultural. The typical India Community thought fall in love as a big sin and only arranged marriage is allowed. The conflict of the story is about the rejection of love marriages by old generation.

Feminism critism
To demonstrate the importance of woman
To reveal the historically women have been subordinate to men To bring about gender equality- bring equal for both sexes
Radical feminism
Sexism is the ultimate tool used by men to keep women oppressed (The time for her marriage to be arranged would soon come- pg186) •Women oppression is the deepest (had proved a disgraceful and shameless hussy by rejecting a match with a promising lawyer who has willing to accept a cheap dowry because of her B.Sc-pg 192) •Women oppression the most widespread(At the same time, they**Rukumani parents** liked to pretend that Rukumani was too spiritual to know anything about sex – pg 186) •Women’s oppression cause the most suffering(At times I think of committing suicide but I am not sure how to kill myself – pg 195)

Comparison of two characters in everythings arranges
Characterization is the act of describing individual personality of essential features. It is the art of creating character for a narrative, including the process of conveying information about them. This story is about Rukumani which is a Ceylonese girl that was having a secret affair with a boy named Devayanagam which is also a Ceylonese. They studied at the same university and they usually will picked a open public place to meet up which each other so that no one will have suspicion about their relationship. However, this young couple, especially Rukumani had struggle and suffered because of their family members, relatives, and their community as they try to get together in life. Her marriage was arranged against her own wish. During that time, love marriages are still an unusual thing to Indian culture. The typical Indian community thought that fall in love is a very big sin and it is totally forbidden. The conflict of the story is about the rejection of the love marriages by the old generation.

Rukumani and Johnny Crew have some similarities between them. For example, both of them is not racist and they respect each other. This can be seen from the short story that Rukumani was concerned when she saw a mid-age Chinese woman whom was quite stressed about hers children as they were spilling over two seats and Rukumani are willing to share the seats with them which was turned down by the Chinese woman with some harsh words. This point is similar to Johnny Crew. He also chatted and greeted with his classmates, Rukumani who is an Indian without any doubt any hesitation. Apart from this, he also coolly siting on the arm of Rukumani’s seat in front of the public in the train. Besides that, Rukumani and Johnny Crew also love the same subject which is economy. This can be seen from that they are taking the same course in the university. Meanwhile, Johnny Crew is a fond...
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