Event: a Descriptive Paper of a Place (Hospital)

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January 13, 2009
English 101

Three Main ideas:
1. Hospital
2. My support
3. My daughter’s Birthday

I hurried inside the hospital, leaving all my thoughts behind me. My wheel chair felt like an endless ride, as if I was never going to reach my destination. I dread hospitals and for some reasons I don’t have a good enough excuse to why I fear every detail of this place. The smell saturate with so many different chemicals it’s hard to explain. The temperature is always freezing and the cold floors are a great production because of it. The germs that are all around are nerve-wrecking. The worst feeling that grew into tension was felt all over my body was the thought of me or my unborn child not making it out alive. When being admitted in the hospital I think it is essential that you have friends and family for support. I walked inside the hospital alone which was frightening and knowing that I had support on the way felt so much better. When bringing a new life into the world it is important to have the father, grandparents, and whoever you would like to celebrate the birthday of your unborn child with. My support was very important to me because they help me to relax and stay strong for the joyous occasion. The many different medicines and procedures that I underwent to induce my labor and bring my daughter into this world made me even unsure about what was to come. I hated the fetal monitor I took it off every five minutes. Contractions were very serious and excruciating pain that only a mother can coincide with. The pain and discomfort from positioning your body on that stiff bed to feel the most comfortable was just impractical. The pillows were my only hope for some gratification. I remember blacking out or maybe it was one of the hospital many hard medicines that knocked me out cold. I woke back up to everyone telling me to push.
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