Event That Had a Major Impact in My Life

Pages: 2 (759 words) Published: April 25, 2013
Andrew J Berry
Journal Assignment #2
I can’t say that there was a particular event that had a major impact in my life, but I can say I will forever treasure the experience that I have gained through my military service in the Navy. Joining the military in any branch, but particularly the Navy, is an experience that I feel everyone should have even if it’s just for a standard four year term. Over the course of my four years of service, I can definitely say without a doubt that it had a major impact in shaping the direction of my life.

It’s funny that I never really realized what I had learned from being in the Navy until I finished my four year term. In retrospect, I have gained a considerable amount of confidence that I believe I would have never gained had I not joined in the first place. Who’s to say where I would be in life now had I not gone through the experiences that I had to go through. For example, if there was one thing that everyone will learn either eventually or immediately, no one to likes to be “walked on” or even talked down to. Everyone wants to be treated with respect, but here is the one thing that most people in the Navy never realized: You have to give respect to get it. That was definitely the first thing that I learned to do. Not only does giving respect come with the territory of being in the military, but not allowing others to walk over you is the key to getting around in the military. It would appear that others would mistake my respectfulness for weakness, but they were very quick to change how they acted around after I put them in their place.

As everyone else knows, military service is very punctual and one must always be on time where ever they are headed. I have literally turned into a human clock that is incapable of being late anywhere I go now. I will even show up early even as much as an hour; however, this experience has made me conscientious of time and how to manage it so that I don’t put myself in situations where...
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