Topics: IPhone, Heuristic evaluation, Apple Inc. Pages: 3 (597 words) Published: March 24, 2013
COMP 303 Assignment 2|
Evaluation on Sony Xperia Neo and IPhone 4|


* Scenario
* Methodology (screenshot)
* } heuristic evaluation
Which and why (usability testing), t is to gain a third-party assessment of user characteristics and to gauge how effectively and efficiently a user is le to view content or perform a task on a specified device * Learnability

* Memorability
* Efficiency
* Errors
* satisfaction
* How
* Field?
* procedures
* evaluating implementations
* Observation
* Think aloud
* Why?
* Interpretation and suggested improvements
* Strength
* Weakness
* Suggested improvements
* Conclusions
* recommendations

1. Scenario
The report is prepared for Samsung Group to evaluate the group leading product Galaxy S3 and its main competitor Apple Inc. newest product IPhone 5. In order to improve the system use in Galaxy S3 and redevelop a better system to compete with the IPhone, some evaluation technique has been applied to test two phones. In the following parts of the report, there will be a belief introduction of the testing method used, how the evaluation performed, the strength and the weakness will also be discuss and some suggestion will be given.

a. Background information of two devices
For Samsung Galaxy S3, it uses the Android 4.1 as its default operating system. There are 5 main special human computer interactive designs in different part of the phone, including smart stay, direct call, s voice, pop up play. Smart stay means if the user stare at the monitor of the phone, the phone screen will light up automatically, vice versa. Direct call means the phone can automatically make a phone call when the user lifts the phone to his ear. S voice is a respond function. It means the phone can have some interaction with the user....
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