Evaluation Essay

Topics: ZOOM, Denim, Caroline Botelho Pages: 2 (787 words) Published: April 20, 2012
April 11, 2012
Evaluation Essay
The internet in the world of today holds a very important place. It offers everything from finding a good college to finding an elegant dress. It can offer good shopping sites, and the most wonderful part is that your order is delivered to your house. Women today prefer online shopping. Websites of different companies offer all the clothes online. When such websites are designed a lot of things are considered, to satisfy users. I will analyze the website of Guess, Express and Charlotte Russe in three ways, which are the websites designs and layout, variety of clothes and ease to zoom each item. The first way of analyzing the website is its design and layout. The design of such websites should be very appealing and actively engaging. Beginning with Guess, it has an extremely appealing layout and design. The best part of this website is the slide show of four slides that runs on the home page. Each model is wearing an attractive outfit with good makeup. It provides very clear options for the buyer. The website of Express is a decent one. All the tabs are labeled very clearly just as Guess, but instead of a slideshow there is picture of four models, and discount coupons. Slide shows grab the attention of buyer and actively engage them, so it was a minus for the express. Charlotte Russe’s website is the worst; there is not a single model on the home page rather it says TWENTY FIVE PERCENT OFF. It would have been better if that was written in a corner with some model dressed up nicely in center. The web layout is pretty much same as rest; however there are pull-down menus, neither Guess nor Express has that feature. I believe pull down menus are more comfortable for the buyer because instead of first choosing ‘women’ and then going for ‘jeans’ or any desired option, one can simply place cursor on women and choose the option from pull down menu. After looking at all features Guess is most appealing to me and Charlotte Russe is least,...
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