Evaluating the Results of School Administration and Supervision

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Educ. 207

Evaluating the Results of School Administration and Supervision

Organizational evaluation or assessment measures compare and analyze the coherence between results and specific objectives, and between specific objectives and general objectives of institutional projects, programs or plans. Evaluation is an important aspect of improving the administration in any organization. It plays a very important role in helping the managers to improve the efficiency and effectiveness in their operations. It can act as an instrument to create confidence and generate support of the people for research programs, and put forth their activities in a transparent and effective way to its shareholders. Depending upon the time of evaluation, it can either be Ex-ante evaluation or Ex-post evaluation. When the evaluation has been conducted before or during the implementation of a task, it is known as Ex-ante evaluation. Ex-post evaluation is carried out after a task is completed. Evaluation in an organization can be carried out in an integrated form or with respect to certain departments. When it is carried out for the entire organization, the result is apprised with goals and objectives and the quality of the result is calibrated with predetermined standards. When it is carried out separately for each department, it is necessary to determine the importance of the task performed and role played in the result by the respective department. Coordination between different departments is always an important aspect of any evaluation process. Communication within the workplace should generally be followed with proper protocols, but it should be from top to bottom and vice versa. Horizontal communication should also be promoted in an effective manner. The three vital elements in an evaluation process are the organization, the assessment team and the employees who use the assessment results. To effectively carry out the evaluation process, the assessment team must be aware of power hierarchies, decision-making policies, organizational culture and other internal and external intricacies. Organizations should provide formal coaching to an assessment team before carrying out any evaluation. Employee assessment plays a vital role in building a good rapport and cordial relations between the management and the employees. Employee evaluation should be carried out in a friendly atmosphere with minimum formalities. They should be given an opportunity to speak out openly. Interviews can be conducted in an informal and unstructured manner to gauge the employee satisfaction level. People like recognition for the work they do and mostly wish to talk about it. They like to share their problems, conflicts, perceptions and achievements.

Educ. 207

Code of Ethics for Professional Teachers

An ideal teacher is the one we respect from our heart. He/she acts as a guide to the students, while not pushing them too much. Such a perfect motivates them and boosts their morale. He/she tries to encourage the students and refrains from criticizing them. The perfect teacher prefers to give positive motivation to his/her students. His/her comments are always constructive in nature. He/she serves as our friend, guide, educator, confidante, and a blend of all the good qualities one can posses. Such a teacher shapes the entire life of the students. If everyone in this world gets an ideal teacher, he/she won’t have to look back in his/her life ever. Considering the fact that students spend a great part of their life at school, one may come to conclusion that schools contribute significantly into overall 'quality' of students' lives. No wonder that personality of a teacher is of crucial importance; moreover, some teachers turn into extremely important people for the whole life due to the impact they make while teaching us. It is good if this impact is positive and brings motivation for students, however, it sometimes happens that teachers manage to spoil not only mood...
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