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  • Published : July 24, 2013
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* Process of terminating the life of a person or animal painlessly because they are perceived as living an intolerable life. * Controversial due to religious and humanist views
* Legislation and political movements regarding euthanasia began as early as 12th century, but till today, many countries still debate over whether they should legalize it. * As of 2002, only 3 countries have legalized euthanasia, Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg * More than a handful of countries have legalized passive euthanasia – which involves the removal of life support (which is different from active euthanasia, in which the doctor administers lethal poison to speed up the patient’s death) * Legalizing euthanasia is still widely debated today, as most people find it unacceptable that doctors, as protectors of the patients’ health are actually allowed to cause them hard legally. Why would legalizing euthanasia be the start of a slippery slope? * Detrimental to society as it would mean damaging important functional societal values and symbols that uphold respect for human life * Prohibition of intentional killing is, after all, the corner stone of law and human relationships, emphasizing our basic equality. * If euthanasia was legalized, it would be inevitable that we would change the way we understand ourselves and raise questions regarding the value of the human life. * Would the valuation of the precious human life be diminished and lost, now that living a life of sickness and suffering is viewed as a life that is no longer worth living? * The legalizing of euthanasia, initially an act legalized to help the vulnerable might possibly cause the elderly/terminally ill/handicapped to think that the country is deeming them as liabilities to the country’s economy. * How would people belonging to the aforementioned group of people feel if they had to live in fear, not knowing when they might be put to everlasting sleep by the...
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