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Topics: Aztec, Mexico, Nahuatl Pages: 3 (786 words) Published: May 9, 2013

Aztec (Mexica) – Maya – indigenous cultures/languages
v Aztec music was thought to be the poorest art of the pre-conquest natives. (lacks harmony)
-Aztec civilization: “well planned cities with towering pyramids and impressive temples. Highly developed system of picture writing and of elaborate patronage in the arts. v Aztec instruments:
-large Aztec war drum, instruments made of animal and human bone, conch shell and vertical instruments, flutes. Aztec Teponaztli
v The Mexica: The valley, tigris and Euphrates.
-the Aztec spoke nahuatl
Every culture had 4 instruments:
1. Voice
2. Percussion
3. String
4. Wind
v The Maya is a Mesoamerican civilization with a highly developed language and culture -Mayan totonacas –local dialects-yet distant areas

Bernal Díaz - Bernardo de Sahagún - Pedro de Gante – Nahuatl – v Bernal Diaz: an early conquistador (1492-ca. 1581), he called azec music the poorest art of the pre-conquest natives. Aztec music to him seemed only dismal and horrible. He associated the music to the sacrifices of his comrades to their gods. v Bernardo de Sahagun: 16th century missionary, he was Franciscan-heard Aztec Music with different ears, and was therefore able to render a more sympathetic account of it. He helped translate the codices (books written by Aztecs).

v The unfavorable comments of Bernal Diaz, rather than these favorable accounts, created the climate of opinion in which the older generation of Mexican music historians lived, until about 1920.
v Diego Duran: Dominican missionary who also shared views with sahagun. v Pedro de Gante: (Europeans adapting to indigenous music)Born at Iseghem. Gante’ s was a missionary and on his first 3 years in Mexico he largely spent his time at Texcoco were he learned Nahuatl. His sphere of action in Texcoco, in Tlaxcala, and in Mexico City revealed him as a teacher of youth. He supervised schools along with Spanish friars, with an emphasis on music. He realized...
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