Ethical Dilemma Analysis

Topics: Ethics, Morality, Decision making Pages: 3 (976 words) Published: December 9, 2012
Ethical Dilemma Analysis Paper
Making A Difference
In analyzing the ethical dilemma in this case, I take cognizance of the environment in which my organization operates and I understand that the moral standards of behavior differ among individuals. I also recognize that moral problems in business are complex and difficult to resolve. I employed the application of Hosmer’s rule in my analysis of the ethical problems so as to reach an objective decision. The question arising from this case can be viewed and analyzed in two different dimensions. Both dimensions would however reach the same or similar conclusions. Why do I have to sign a document realizing that some of the fund is going for bribery? One dimension of analyzing this is to assume the whole decision making process is based on my appending the signature on the document – and not subject to further questioning. Another dimension is that even if I append my signature, the project is still subject to further testing and approval. Based on the premise that the road project will not executed if I do not sign the inflated contract document, and choosing not to sign, some groups are going to be hurt or harmed in ways outside their control while others will be benefited or helped. The right and benefit of residents of Maryland local government area to have their roads constructed will be denied. Even, delay in implementing this project will hurt this group. The construction company, ABC will also be hurt by losing the contract. The Federal Government (representing the larger society) will benefit. If I choose to sign the inflated contract proposal and the project is executed, the residents of Maryland local government will have their rights recognized, the construction company, ABC Engineering and the government officials in charge of approving the payment will benefit. I and the Board of Trustee of LGMSPA would have committed a wrong. The larger society will be hurt...
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