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E[nstitute] is now accepting applications for the two-year apprenticeship fellowship. Applications are due March 31, 2012.

E[nstitute] fellows will be the first in their generation to learn from the top entrepreneurs through a revolutionary new model that will provide them exposure across all aspects of business and enable them to solve real life problems with real life consequences. The admissions process consists of multiple phases; this application is just the first. For candidates who make it through the first round, we will be following up with requests for additional information, references, verification, and interview setup.

Some things to think about while filling out the application: * Take the time to read each entrepreneur’s bio, they speak volumes * We'll be setting a limit on the number of applicants under each entrepreneur for round two. So, think carefully about stack ranking entrepreneurs and don't just go after big names "just because" * Be your genuine self – we want to get to know the real you, don’t filter yourself or let the edits/inputs of others distract from telling your story * The early bird benefits from a more thoughtful review, so don’t wait until March 31st to apply * If you have any have questions, don't hesitate to reach out to us at

Below are the essay questions for the first round of the E[nstitute] application. Please use the below document to create your answers. All applications must be submitted through our online application at: This document is just a resource to answer questions offline!

Essay Questions:

Tells us about yourself and why you want to be a fellow at E[nstitute]. Be specific. *

Can you attend the entire two-year program in New York City? If not, please explain *
How would your peers describe you? What would be your best and worst qualities? *

How does E[nstitute] get you to where...
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