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  • Published : March 20, 2013
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Essay Question: Is terrorist political violence primarily due to identity (culture, ethnicity, religion, etc) or economic (poverty, unemployment, etc) grievances?

Key Concepts: Terrorist, Political, Violence, Identity, Economic


* Terrorist: Radical, rebel, revolutionary, law breaker, tyrant, extremist, fanatic,

* Political: Constitutional, legislative, bureaucratic, civic, governmental, parliamentary, civil,

* Violence: Brutality, ferocity, destructiveness, coercion, disorder, disturbance, frenzy, rampage, turbulence, onslaught, vehemence

* Identity: Identification, integrity, oneness, particularity, uniqueness, individuality, distinctiveness, selfhood, personality

* Economic: budgetary, fiscal, mercantile, monetary, financial, commercial, pecuniary

Search String:

(Fanatic or Extremist or Terrorist) AND (Governmental or Civil or Political) AND (Vehemence or Disorder or Violence) AND (Individuality or Uniqueness or Identity) AND (Pecuniary or Financial or Economic)

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