Escape from Afghanistan and Kite Runner

Topics: Hazara people, Khaled Hosseini, The Kite Runner Pages: 4 (823 words) Published: March 4, 2013
1. Word: coveted
Meaning: very much desired
Example: a lot of money
Synonym: envy, begrudge
Sentence: The winning trophy was very much coveted by the soccer players.

2. Word: bazaar
Meaning: market place; sale to benefit a charity
Example: china town; in the carnivals
Synonym: marketplace, affair, emporium
Sentence: My neighbor and I like to go to bazaars in the carnivals.

3. Word: abhor
Meaning: strongly hate
Example: liars
Synonym: loathe, hate, detest
Sentence: I abhor when I get yelled to do something.

4. Word: integrity
Meaning: honesty or trustworthiness
Example: best friends, parents
Synonym: honesty
Sentence: My best friend and I trust each other with integrity.

5. Word: gorges
Meaning: deep valleys with steep sides; ravines
Example: grand Canyon
Synonym: ravine, cliff
Sentence: Last year I and my family visited the biggest gorge on Earth, The Grand Canyon.

6. Word: clamor
Meaning: loud uproar
Example: screaming for help
Synonym: express, verbalize, utter
Sentence: The clamor of the community could be heard from miles away.

7. Word: chide
Meaning: to scold mildly
Example: you scold bad behavior
Synonym: lecture, call down
Sentence: the teacher chides the student for talking out of place. The Kite Runner
Escape from Afghanistan
| Amir| Farah Ahmedi|
Description| A friend of the son of a servant (Hassan), jealous Pashtun, no integrity, kite fighter, coward, slower and clumsier than Hassan, loved winter break (3 months) wants to be he’s father’s preference.| Is trying to escape from Afghanistan with her mother, determined, brave, disable (one leg), Hazara, compassionate, young (between 14 – 16)| Conflict| Wants approval from Baba. Jealous of father’s attention towards Hassan.| Doesn’t know where to find the bus to Jalalabad. Difficulty to escape with her mother’s asthma and her prosthetic leg. They’re two women in a male world.|

How is Ahmedi’s conflict similar...
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