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HR Questions Set 1
Tell us something about yourself *Limit- 500 words
I belong to a middle class nuclear family from the city of TAJ-AGRA in Uttar Pradesh. My father is working in Indian Army and mother is a housewife. I have two sisters, the younger sister is pursuing under graduation in commerce and the older sister is a physiotherapist. I have done my high school and senior school education from Kendriya Vidyalaya , Agra Uttar Pradesh and completed graduation in Electronics Engineering from PEC University of Technology, Chandigarh. Currently I am pursuing post graduation in Business Administration from FMS,Delhi University, Delhi. I am a person with strong interpersonal skills having the ability to get along with people. I enjoyed challenges and look for creative solutions to problems with the disciplined & committed approach. I had two years of experience in Godrej as Assistant Manager-Institutional Projects where my primary responsibility was customer relationship & project management. The profile at Godrej provides the in depth knowledge of customer centric business with the key focus on customer satisfaction & brand image. In future I am looking to extend my experience in Godrej to new verticals in corporate world. I like to spend my spare time with friends & family members. My hobbies include cricket , football, swimming, listening music.

Why should we select you? What is your USP? *200 Words
Coming from an army background I got the environment to grown up with the values of discipline, commitment and easily adaptable to any kind of cultural or geographical challenges that comes in life. Performing different responsibilities from participating to organising cultural and technical events during my graduation days in PEC, Chandigarh I had proved leadership and team work qualities at every stage. In Godrej, I got the experience to manage the team of people with different skills at the same time I had also managed responsibility of maintaining relationship and satisfaction level of customer. This gave me a good experience of multitasking & working under stress. For my USP, you can see me as a person who is associated with the values of Indian army, excellence of PEC & FMS in their field & experience of Godrej.

What is your SOP? *250 words
Working with Godrej I learnt the importance of customer expectations, market needs & corporate business expectations and balancing them at the same time. For having all the management skills that a good manager requires I joined FMS for learning new skills that is required for the next generation business leaders. Looking forward with all the positives that I incorporated in me from the learning’s & experience, I wish to see myself an efficient & next generation manager with a crisp understanding of market & business within next few years in corporate world. Down the line I want to be responsibly handling the key positions of corporate world where I can bring the business thinking to what we say in Sanskrit “Sarvajan Hitay Sarvajan Sukhay” i.e work for benefits of all & not for individual. Where the companies work not only for profit booking but also focus for their responsibility towards environment, society and national building. Implement new & innovative ideas which can bring positive social & economical improvement in societies we are developing in.

What are your 3 major strengths and 3 weaknesses? *300 Words Strengths: Working in stress & time boundation :while working on projects there was always lots of stress & deadlines to adhere. There I performed best among my peers and that really provides a inner satisfaction. Leadership: As a leader I had performed many responsibilities during my graduation in PEC and leading a team of multi skills peoples working for projects of Godrej. Working in a team divides your work and multiplies your output Multitasking: This is another strength that I gather from the working environment of Godrej where we had to work on multiple...
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