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Apprenticeships for supporting teaching and learning in schools

Employee rights and responsibilities
(ERR) workbook




Introduction 1

What are ERR?1
Using the workbook1
Planning ERR programmes1
Monitoring programmes2
Completion form2

1. Statutory rights and responsibilities 3

1.1 Contracts of employment3
1.2 Anti-discrimination provisions4
1.3 Working hours and holiday entitlements5
1.4 Sickness absence and sick pay5
1.5 Data protection6
1.6 Health and safety6
1.7 Legislative frameworks in the sector7

2. Procedures and documentation 8

2.1 Contracts of employment8
2.2 Anti-discrimination provisions9
2.3 Working hours and holiday entitlements9
2.4 Sickness absence and sick pay10
2.5 Data protection11
2.6 Health and safety11

3. Sources of information and advice 12

3.1 Internal sources12
3.2 External sources13

4. Occupational role 13

4.1 The sector13
4.2 Roles and organisational structure14

5. Career pathways 15

6. Representative bodies 16

7. Information on the sector, role, training and career 18

8. Principles and codes of practice 18

9. Issues of public concern 19

Completion form 21


This workbook has been produced by the Training and Development Agency for Schools (TDA) to help the learner understand the employee rights and responsibilities (ERR) component of the apprenticeship frameworks for supporting teaching and learning in schools. The workbook applies to apprenticeship programmes in England, where ERR is a mandatory component. Although not formally assessed or separately certificated, evidence of completion, signed by the provider, employer and apprentice must be provided in order to obtain an apprenticeship completion certificate.

What are ERR?

ERR are an important part of ensuring that apprentices are fully prepared for employment in their chosen role. They cover:

• the rights and responsibilities of workers (including equal opportunities legislation)

• the organisation, disciplines and representative structures of the sector, and

• the impact on the sector of public law and policies.

Using the workbook

The workbook is designed to help providers, employers and apprentices ensure that ERR within apprenticeship programmes for supporting teaching and learning in schools are achieved. The workbook can be tailored to meet your requirements so long as all aspects are covered by the learner.

The workbook contains, under each section heading, a list of the knowledge that the learner should gain from their ERR programme. There are also a few questions designed to check the learner’s knowledge and understanding.

Learners do not need to complete the workbook straight away, nor do they have to work through it in any particular order. However, some aspects of the ERR requirements should be completed within three months of starting the apprenticeship to ensure that apprentices are safe to take on the appropriate level of responsibility for the pupils they support. These include, as a minimum, safeguarding, health and safety, data protection and confidentiality.

Apprenticeship programmes, therefore, should be carefully planned to ensure coverage of these areas within the first few months.

Planning ERR programmes

It may be possible to demonstrate coverage of the ERR through achievement of the schools as organisations Qualification and Credit Framework (QCF) units:

TDA 2.5 Schools as organisations T/601/3325

TDA 3.2 Schools as organisations A/601/3326

Providers and employers will need to agree responsibilities for covering the remaining content and how and when this will be done. It may be, for example, that the provider will be responsible for delivering aspects...
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