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A wrongful act, not including a breach of contract or trust, that results in injury to another's person, property, reputation, or the like, and for which the injured party is entitled to compensation.

Joe Greene coached for the Arizona Cardinals.
Joe Greene had just badly lost a football game and stayed behind while the field was clearing out. As he was exiting the field looking for the opposing team coach, he collides with Mark Cockriel (sound engineer) in a moving vehicle. Joe alleges that Mark Cockriel ran over his foot after an altercation. Joe during the same time his foot was being ran over he struck Mark in the face/ear area and gave Mark a minor ear injury. Joe claims his actions were “spontaneous and instantaneous” and was only a mere reflex. On April 14, 2000, Mr. Cockriel, a highly qualified sound engineer, and his attorney write a demand letter in which they asked Joe Greene for $100,000.00 and a written apology as compensation for assault, battery and emotional distress. The complaint names Mr. Greene and the Cardinals football team as the defendants—charging the Cardinals football team with negligent supervision and negligent hiring. Mr. Greene refused to settle the case.

There was a witness of the incident named Piotrosky who stated that during the confrontation, Mr Greene moved his foot towards the vehicle just before it was ran over by Mr Cockriel. In the video tape it is shown how the foot is not moved at all. Besides, the witness explained how the Cardinals had have negative experiences with Mr. Greene and thus that they should have terminated him as a result of those past experiences and that by not firing him, they “negligently” caused the plaintiff’s injuries. All in all, the charges on the Cardinals were dropped even though Joe Greene was found guilty.

In 1993, Erin Brockovich (Julia Roberts) is an unemployed single mother of three...
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