Environmental Scan

Topics: Family, Marketing, Competition Pages: 3 (736 words) Published: July 2, 2012
Tim Horton’s Environmental Scan/External Marketing Environment:

Demographic Forces:
* Products appeal to diverse generations
* Baby boomers, Gen Xers and Gen Yers can all find something at Tim Horton’s to delight and satisfy their wants and desires * Many locations concentrated in big city dwellings
* Of the 6 major urban areas in Canada – Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Ottawa, Gatineau, Calgary and Edmonton every single one of these demographics has an appropriate saturation of stores to meet supply and demand. In the last few years many suburban areas have developed at rapid paces which has led Tim Horton to strategically place more locations in these areas where once there may have been only one store, now there may be as many as three or four to cater to our need for quality, convenience and speed to match our increasingly fast-paced lifestyles * Appeals to different communities and types of families

* Tim Horton’s mainstream products have an innovative and diverse enough flair to appeal to the culturally diverse masses * Although the traditional family unit has changed over time, the menu items offered by Tim Horton’s still appeals to all family units, regardless of their size, composition or structure Socio-Cultural Forces:

* Canadian company
* This appeals to Canadians’ sense of patriotism and pride, trustworthiness, being family-oriented, reliable, socially conscious and conservative * Menu offers more than just donuts and coffee

* As the menu offers more than just basic donut shop goodies, this gives the company the visibility to be seen as something more to explore, a place to go for variety and choices that will delight and satiate the palate * Kids’ Camp Program

* This program lends itself very nicely to Corporate Social Responsibility through Societal Marketing which increases its positive Corporate image. By reaching out to less fortunate children across our country and...
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