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Topics: Physiology, Homeostasis, Human body cavities Pages: 2 (603 words) Published: July 15, 2012
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Instructions: This is an honors level course. Answer all questions fully using complete sentences. If you want full credit, please provide plenty of details.

How is the concept of homeostasis related to aging and disease? Provide examples to support your thinking. Homeostasis helps in maintaining a balance in proteins found in cells, to ensure optimal function. If homeostasis fails to maintain this balance, the “normal” aging process and disease contract or cure are affected at a greater impact In the case that homeostasis fails, systems in the body will fail to act efficiently because the body would have failed to maintain a constant and favorable environment. This ultimately means that cells all over the body are not working or co-operating as they should, thus affecting the aging process and the likelihood of contracting diseases or failure for the white blood cells to cure them. People of older ages usually experience more homeostatic imbalances because of the old age they are in, or are approaching. E.g. Because Lea is an old woman, aged 82, she constantly feels fatigued and irritable due to homeostatic imbalances in her body. Because of this, her body is more prone to diseases like influenza or a cold, because fatigue might make her feel hot, while it’s too cold. It is very important that she discusses a proper regime to use, in order to balance her homeostasis. When we are dehydrated, we are thirsty and drink water. Is this part of negative or positive feedback control systems? Explain your reasoning. Feeling thirsty is part of a negative feedback because angiotensin, a hormone that tells the brain it is thirsty, makes you want to drink more water. Once you have consumed enough water, this hormone stops stimulating the brain and the thirst goes away. In this case, hormones trigger an effect so that you want water, and once you have it, they shut off, waiting for you to become thirsty again. Why would you have a hard time...
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