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  • Published : December 4, 2012
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Q1. What are prepositions?
Ans. A word which shows the relationship between a noun or pronoun and some other word in a sentence is called “pronoun”

Q2. Write any six conjunctions?
Ans. Although, who, and , but , because, whom.

Q3. Combine the following sentences.
Roger hates history.
He likes English.
He likes Maths.

Ans. Roger hates history but he likes English and maths.

The day was cold.
The day was windy.
It was only the first of February.

Ans. The day was cold and windy although it was only the first of February.

The dog was barking.
He was trying to get over the gate.
The children kept away from him.

Ans. The dog was barking and was trying to get over the gate so the children kept away from him.

Jake was frightened.
He was a nervous child.
His mother was late.

Ans. Jake was a frightened and nervous child because his mother was late.

Q4. Define connectives.
Ans. Connectives are the words to join sentences .e.g. and, although, who etc.

Q5. Use who, whom, that, which or whose in these sentences.

1. Do you know anybody whose first name begins with H.
2. Colin was the only pupil that was willing to help tidy up. 3. Anna is a friend whom I have known all my life.

Q6. Fill in the blanks with I and me.

1. Farhan and I have won prizes in the drawing competition.
2. Prizes have been awarded to Farhan and me.
3. Beth and I have been invited to Amy’s party.
4. Amy has invited Beth and me to her party.
5. This is a secret between you and me.
6. You and I must keep this matter a secret.
7. The headmaster punished Ossie and me for being so late.
8. Ossie and I were punished by the headmaster.
9. Kenny and I are to share the sweets between us.
10. These sweets are to be shared between Kenny and me.

Q7. Fill in the blanks using similes.

1. James opened his exercise book with a heart as heavy as lead. 2. Sara limped along the road like a sore footed soldier.
3. The ogre’s breath smelt just like socks.
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