English Presentation - Presentation Tips for Public Speaking

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Presentation Tips for Public Speaking
We are going to treat the three most important aspects which you should keep in mind when preparing and giving presentations. These are audience, tone and attitude.
Let’s start with audience.

You have to know your audience, in order to match the information you are giving to their needs and interests. To do this, you could use a specific language or specific words. For instance, you could use jargon to make your knowledge of the topic clear to the audience. By doing this you will get closer to the audience and they will be more interested. Also changing your usage of words (more or less formal) can help the audience to remain interested in the presentation. The material you present should be clear and in a logical order. Start with an introduction, then discuss the body and finally state your conclusion. Another thing that is really important is to know what you are talking about. Even if you are not quite sure, make it seem like you are. Stay positive and enthusiastic and speak with conviction, which means you really believe the things you are saying.

This bring us to our next point: attitude. Attitude can make or break your presentation, because if YOU do not come across confident and sure about the things you say, the audience immediately relates this to the material you are discussing. You can prevent this by doing the following: First of all your appearance is important. Dress appropriately, do not put your hands in your pockets and stand up straight. Standing, walking and using hand gestures is preferred to sitting down or looking down at your paper all the time. Do not talk as if you are bored and do not mumble, this way people won’t take you seriously. Second, body language. Try to come across relaxed. Even if you are nervous, talk slowly and focus on what you are saying rather than thinking about what could go wrong. Look pleasant, relaxed and smile sometimes. This will make your presentation appear more...
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