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A-Writing Rules:

* Write statements, not announcements, for example:
The subject of this paper will be my parents My parents each struggled with personal demons.
I want to talk about the crime wave in our countryThe recent crime wave in our city has several apparent causes.
The baby-boom generation is the concern of this essay The baby-boom generation has changed American society in many ways. * Avoid statements that are too broad:

Disease has shaped human history. In the mid-1980s,AIDS cahnged people’s attitudes about dating.

Insects are fascinating creatures. Strength,organization. And communication make the ant one of natur’s most successful insects.

Men and women are very different. Men and women are often treated very different in the workplace.

* Avoid statements that are too narrow:

The speed limit near my home is sixty-five miles per hour. The speed limit near my home should be lowered to fifty-five miles per hour for several reasons.

A hurricane hit southern Florida last summer. Federal officials made a number of mistakes in their response to the recent Florida hurricane.

A person must be at least thirty-five years old to be elected president of the US. The requirement that a US president must be at least thirty-five years old is unfair and unreasnable.

* Make sure that statements develop only one idea.
* Use Common Transitions which will make the essay tightly linked.

B- Types of introduction: General to specific-Starting with an opposite-Stating importance of topic-Anecdote-Question-Quotation. Note that the introduction should contain a plan of development(state what you want to talk about)

C- Types of conclusion: End with a summary and a final thought-Include a thought provoking question or short series of questions-End with a prediction or recommendation. D- Pattern Of Organization: Chronological Order (Time Order)-Emphatic Order E- Coherence (relate and link between ideas): Cohesive devices are: 1- Common Transitions:

Addition Signals:also,next,another,ans,inaddition,moreover,furthermore,finally,last of all, one , first of all, second, the third reason. Time Signals:first,then,next,after,as,before,while,meanwhile,soon,while,during,finally. Space Signals: next to, across, on the opposite side, to the left, to the right, above, below, near, nearby. Change of direction signals: but, however, yet, in contrast, although, otherwise, still, on the contrary, on the other hand. Illustration Signals: for example, for instance, specifically, as an illustration, once, such as Conclusion Signals: therefore, consequently, thus, then, as a result, in summary, to conclude, last of all, finally.

2-Joining paragraphs through joining words. For example:
Introduction: The most helpful values I learned from my parents are the importance of family support, of hard work, and of a good education Body Paragraph 1: First, my parents taught me that family members should stick together, especially in time of trouble….. Body Paragraph 2: In addition to teaching me about the importance of family support, my parents taught me the value of hard work…. Body Paragraph 3: Along with the value of hard work, my parents emphasized the benefits of a good education.

3-Other transitional words: Repetition, pronouns and synonyms.

F- Unity (Golden Triangle): The topic sentences should be connected to the thesis. The details in the body paragraphs should be connected to the topic...
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