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Topics: Personal life, Management, Prince Pages: 2 (597 words) Published: November 30, 2011
Time is an important necessity of life, which allows us to be more time efficient, although it does have its disadvantages which procreate us in having a busy life. Some key problems with Amy Willard Cross’s essay is that , in "Life in the Stopwatch Lane", is not spending enough time with the family, and travelling time should be measured and calculated. There are many problems with having a busy life style. Time Management, Busies can improve their lives by spending quality time with their families rather than just on a portion of their time. It is often understood that busy people do not spend enough quality time with their families. “For those working against the clock, the quality of time spent with loved ones supposedly compensates for quantity.” Quality does not compensate for anything when it comes from a babies point of view. Parent will never be able to see their baby talk the first time or first baby step, or the first day of school if the nanny or a care taker take place of the parent. The child may not even know there parent, as well as they know their nanny. Loneliness will be left with a child for memories. So one would ask why not quantity rather than quality? Just to save time and be able to make more money. Travel time should not be measured or calculated. It should be enjoyed by the laughing, eating and drinking with the family or loved ones. Nobody wants to be stressed after coming back from a vacation of a mini trip. It defeats the purpose of a fun time. Cross mentions that “one time-efficient woman even formulated a mathematical theorem: fun per mile quotient. Before accepting any social invitation, she adds up travel cost, figures out the time spent laughing, drinking and eating.” Wow this is amazing. A women calculated when, how and where they would spent time to laugh drink and eat. Planning a trip is understandable but when to do a certain expression is ridiculous. If one want to spend valuable time with family it should not be measure...
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