English Course Syllabuses

Topics: Education, Teacher, Learning Pages: 6 (1058 words) Published: May 29, 2013
Republic of the Philippines
Lingayen, Pangasinan


Course Code:EL 130
Course Title:Translation and Editing of Text
No. of lecture hour/week:3
No. of units:3


A. University Vision

The Pangasinan State University envisions to become the apex of academic excellence through total quality education.

B.University Mission

The Pangasinan State University provides better service in professional and technical training in the arts, sciences, humanities and technology and in the conduct of scientific research and technological studies. — PD 1497

C.Campus Mission

The college provides quality education in the arts, sciences, and technology geared towards the development of the individual as an integral instrument of change and takes leadership role in research, extension and production to ensure the development and transformation to a decent way of life for the people and the community it serves.

D.Campus Goals & Objectives

To provide substances and direction to its mission, the College shall pursue the following goals:

1. Promote quality and relevant education design to fully exploit individual potentials commensurate to the needs of the industry, economy and global competitive; 2. Evolve and design relevant and responsive science and technology-based curricular programs that develop intellectual competence, civic and moral responsibility, cultural integrity, economic acuity and scientific perspective; 3. Enhance and strengthen faculty staff capability building and development in a continuing basis; 4. Protect and promote the welfare and interest of faculty members and administrative staff in terms of continuing program for salary, increments, and others pecuniary benefits, social welfare and tenure; 5. Expand the conduct of the research that generate new perspective and insights and new technologies and processes appropriate to the needs and aspirations of developing society and those the community enjoys distinctive and comparative advantage; 6. Expand educational opportunities to the poor but exceptional talented students through various scholarship grants and financial tenure; 7. Provide a conducive learning atmosphere through provision of various development services; 8. Expand and establish network linkages with others institutions both public and private to generate and complement resources support, intensify impact and strengthen academe-industry; and 9. Develop, test, evaluate and rationalize institutional structures and management systems and processes to enhance the efficiency, cost-effectiveness and responsive of the college’s programs and projects.

E.Program Objectives

The Bachelor of Secondary Education Program aims to develop high school teachers who can teach in one of the learning areas in high school like Mathematics, Physical Sciences, Biological Sciences, English, Filipino among others.

Specifically, it aims to develop teachers who;

1. have the basic and higher level literacy, communications, numeracy, critical thinking, learning skills needed for higher learning. 2. have a deep and principled understanding of the learning processes and the role of the teacher in facilitating these processes in their students. 3. have a deep and principled understanding of how educational processes relate to larger historical, social, cultural and political processes. 4. have a meaningful and comprehensive knowledge of the subject matter they will teach. 5. can apply a wide range of teaching process skills including curriculum development, lesson planning, materials development, educational assessment and teaching approaches. 6. have a direct experience in the field/classroom (e.g. classroom observation, teaching assistance, practice teaching). 7. can demonstrate and practice the...
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