Topics: Nathaniel Hawthorne, Edgar Allan Poe, Mary Eleanor Wilkins Freeman Pages: 6 (882 words) Published: January 22, 2013
Adams, AndyBad Medicine
A College Vagabond
A Winter Round-Up
At Comanche Ford
The Passing of Peg-Leg
Alcott, Louisa MayScarlet Stockings
A Country Christmas
The Brothers
The Cross on the Old Church Tower
Aldrich, Thomas BaileyMarjorie Dah
The Cruise of the Dolphin
Anderson, SherwoodThe Door of the Trap
The Dumb Man
The Man in the Brown Coat
I Wanted to Know Why
Arthur, T. S. The Humble Pharisee
The Two Husbands
Other People’s Eyes
It’s None of My Business
Asimov, IsaacFantastic Voyage
I, Robot
Bicentennial Man
Last Question
Barbour, Ralph HenryA College Santa Clause
A Death-Bed Confession
Baum, Frank L.The Dummy that Lived
The Girl Who Owned a Bear
Beach, Rex EllingwoodThe Shyness of Shorty
Laughing Bill Hyde
The Colonel & The Horse Thief
Benchley, RobertThe Sunday Menace
Benson, SallyThe Overcoat
Bierce, AmbroseA Diagnosis of Death
A Man with Two Lives
The Crime at Pickett’s Mill
Boyle, KayThe Astronomer’s Wife
Bradbury, RayA Sound of Thunder
Buck, Pearl S.The Old Demon
Capote, TrumanAmong the Paths to Eden
Cather, WillaOn the Gull’s Road
A Wagner Matinee
Chesnutt, Charles W.The Wife of His Youth
Uncle Wellington’s Wives
Chopin, KateRegret
Connell, RichardThe Most Dangerous Game
Cooper, James FenimoreThe Eclipse
Crane, StephenA Dark Brown Dog
The Open Boat
Dahl, RoaldBeware of the Dog
Lamb to the Slaughter
Davis, Richard HardingA Charmed Life
Billy and the Big Stick
The Man Who Could Not Lose
Dawson, FieldingThe Vertical Fields
Dunbar, AliceLittle Miss Sophie
When the Bayou Overflows
Ferber, EdnaWhat She Wore
The Woman Who Tried to be Good
The Frog and the Puddle
Fitzgerald, F. ScottBabylon Revisited
Fitzgerald, F. ScottBernice Bobs Her Hair
The Diamond as Big as the Ritz
Winter Dreams
Foote, Mary HallockThe Watchman
A Cloud on the Mountain
The Harshaw Bride
The Maid’s Progress
Freeman, Mary E. WilkinsThe Copy Cat
Freeman, Mary E. WilkinsThe Shadows on the Wall
The Umbrella Man
Gilman, Charlotte PerkinsThe Yellow Wallpaper
Glaspell, SusanA Jury of Her Peers
The Last Sixty Minutes
The Plea
Grey, ZaneThe Redheaded Outfield
False Colors
The Winning Ball
Harte, BretA Mother of Five
High Water Mark
Mr. Macglowries Widow
Hawthorne, NathanielMy Kinsman, Major Molineux
Young Goodman Brown
The Great Stone Face
The Ambitious Guest
Hemmingway, ErnestBig, Two-Hearted River
The Short Happy Life of Francis Macomber
The Snows of Kilimanjaro
HenryThe Cop and the Anthem
Henry, O.The Gift of the Magi
The Purple Dress
Horgan, PaulThe Huntsmen
Hughes, LangstonThank You M’am
Hunter, EvanThe Last Spin
Irving, WashingtonThe Legend of Sleepy Hollow
The Alhambra
Rip Van Winkle
Jackson, ShirleyCharles
Jewett, Sarah OrneThe Flight of Betsey Lane
The Towne Poor
A Winter Courtship
King, Steven1408
The Mist
King, StevenHearts in Atlantis
Stand By Me
Lardner, RingHaircut
My Roomy
The Golden Honeymoon
London, JackThe Son of the Wolf
The Stampede to Squaw Creek
The Unexpected
To Build a Fire
Lovecraft, H. P.The Beast in the Cave
The Tomb
In the Vault
The Lurking Fear
Melville, HermanBartleby the Scrivner
The Fiddler
The Lightning-Rod Man
Norris, FrankA Bargain with Peg-leg
The Dual Personality of Slick
The Passing of Cock-Eye Blacklock
Norris, KathleenMiss Mix, Kidnapper
Rising Water
What Happened to Alanna
O’Hara, JohnOver the River and Through the Wood
O’Keefe, JamesDeath Makes a...
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