English 1301

Topics: Human, Thought, Contact lens Pages: 2 (572 words) Published: March 20, 2013
Monique Holland
March 16, 2013
Comm 1307
Assignment #2
‘Physics of the Future’: How We’ll Live In 2100?

As time goes on things are changing and technology is a major factor in the change. Technology is making major breakthroughs and is shaping society today. We; the human race play a major role in the development of technology. Whether we’re helping design it or supporting it by use we are apart of the advance and change in life through technology. How will we live in 2100? By the sounds of this article t seems that there will be less need for humans. In 2100 cars will be able to drive themselves and contact lenses will browse the internet with the blink of an eye. In 2100 our lives will be majorly altered by technology. Year after year, computer intelligence is becoming more advanced. These new technologies do all kinds of things some are or will helpful to everyday life some others I feel are just frivolous. How about the chip that allows a paralyzed person to use his or thoughts to do everyday things like send emails use wheelchairs and anything that can be controlled by computer. I think that the cars that can drive themselves is an alright idea especially it can detect a drunken driver or when you are incapable of driving safely. That technology is needed for those who do not know their dinking limit and still like to get behind the wheel after their well over it. This will save numerous lives for those who can afford these vehicles. As for the contact lens that can analyze people etc… at the blink of an eye isn’t so necessary. I feel that it will handicap us as a people we will no longer value our own knowledge which comes from reading, learning, interacting, and engaging in everyday activities to gain knowledge. Do we really need a lens that can give you an analysis of someone just by looking at them? Besides the analysis that you are given of a person is internet generated; which means you can believe everything you see about...
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