Topics: Human sexual behavior, Sex education, Birth control Pages: 1 (280 words) Published: July 11, 2012
Selling Safe Sex in Public School
The article I wrote and I will talk about is “Selling Safe Sex in Public Schools” by Michelle Bryant. The article was about a teenage girl named Shelby Knox from Lubbock, Texas who discusses how schools just teach abstinence instead of also teaching safe sex education. In this article Ms. Bryant mentions a very common issue in public schools, which is how schools would to a certain extent teach students about abstinence only rather than giving them another form of sexual education, which seems to be a kind of program which not necessarily discourages teens from having sex, but helps them to prevent teens from having any unwanted teen pregnancies, or STD’s. One interesting fact that I notice on my research was in one of the articles that I found from Morgan Smith, and he wrote this article called “More School chooses to Teach Abstinence Plus”, in which he mentioned that about “172 pregnant girls were enrolled in the city’s public schools last year—many in the community realized something needs to be done” (Smith). He also mentioned that “These are girls as young A 13 that are getting pregnant; some of them are on their second pregnancies” (Smith). Consequently, I believe that the importance of this issue is that our teens are in a high risk of having sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies because most of the schools and many parents preferred to teach abstinence instead of safe sex. In my opinion, I think this a matter more for the parents, they need to teach, and let their children be aware of all the diseases and risk of having unsafe sex.
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