Engl120: Animal Kingdom

Topics: Family, Crime, Pettingill family Pages: 3 (641 words) Published: October 29, 2012
(Five Bells, Our Sunshine, Animal Kingdom and “The Chosen Vessel”). - Exam

What picture of ‘a family’ do we get from Animal Kingdom? (You might like to think about how this compares to the family shown in Muriel’s Wedding or, especially, Ned Kelly.)

The family is crime orientated and is based on the strength of secrecy and deception. The family is similar to Ned Kelly’s through pursuing the interest of felony rather than compassion for each member. In addition, the reference to the Animal Kingdom is evident through Ned Kelly, whereby Ned metaphorically embodied the Lion. Also, the fear of criminality consequences is prevalent in both Ned Kelly and Animal Kingdom.

The scene where the Police shot Daz is similar to the eponymous Ned Kelly being fired by the law officers in the open outback.

2.How does the dynamic between men and women – the relationships, say, between mother and son, or boyfriend and
Girlfriend – relate to the violence that is shown in the film?

Men & women- the Woman is also embodying the animal metaphor through possessing power. Firstly, the Grandmother has power through manipulating the Police Squad to have her Sons, bailed from Goal. Whereas, Nicky Henry (Laura Wheelright) contrasted to the Grandmother, (Jackie Weaver) by being the submissive to the leading males Andrew Pope, Craig Cody and Barry Cody. Andrew Pope convincing Wheelright into having Heroin exemplifies this.

3.In Robert Drewe’s novel, Ned Kelly says, “it’s not as cut and dried as that. Things flow over into other things” (73); later he muses, “I could call a halt to all this violence” (89). Can you think of specific examples from the film Animal Kingdom where things “flow over” into other things?

Uncle Pope’s...
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