Engineering Report Structure

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Engineeringreports - a generalformat
Engineering reports provide engineerswith a meansof communicating the results of their work to colleagues, clients,supervisors, and the generalpublic. The format may vary dependingon the type of report, but generally engineering reports contain the following: Title page The title page grvesthe title of the report, identifies the writer or writers, their company or organisationand the publication date. Abstract The abstractrs a concisesummaryof the contentand purposeof the main report; its purpose is to provide enough information for readersto decide if the report is relevant for their needs. A brief conclusion and/orrecommendationis generally included in the abstract. Introduction The introduction provides the subject,purpose,and scopeof the report and its plan of development. may also containtheoreticalor historicalbackgroundmaterialbasedon It researchof technical literature and other appropriateareas. Methodology or procedure The methodology proceduresectiongives a detailedaccountof the stepstaken to or accomplishthe work described the study or investigation. in In reportsof experimental investigations, equipmentthat was usedis normally the described this section. in Results The resultssectiondescribes outcomeof the project or investigation. the This sectionof the report normally containsfigures and tables(= decisiontable), as well as a descriptionof the resultsor findings. Calculationsand drawingsare usually shownrn an appendixat the end of the report. Conclusions The conclusions are the deductionsor inferencesdrawn from the factual evidenceof the report; report on the design alternativefound to be best overall; make any further commentsthat seemappropriateregarding the results. Recommendations The recommendations sectionstatesa recommended courseof action basedupon the conclusions. Acknowledgments The acknowledgments sectionrecognises thosepeopleand organisations who have made significant contributions to the project....
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