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Question:The leader is expected to play many roles & therefore he must be qualified to guide others to organizational achievement. On the basis of this explain the leadership skills & leadership traits.

.Leadership skill:
The leader is expected to play many roles and therefore must be qualified to guide others to organizational achievement.Leadership skills may be summarized under four heads:

A good leader is considerate towards his followers because his success largely depends on the co-operation of his followers.A leader should have an understanding of human behaviour. A successful leader possesses the human relations attitude.He always tries to develop social understanding with other people. 1.Empathy:

A leader should be able to look things as possible.He should respect the rights,beliefs and sentiments of others.He should equip himself to meet the challenges emanating from the actions and reactions of other people.The leader should be empathetic towards his followers so that he can carefully judge their strength,weakness and ambitions. 2.Objectivity:

A good leader is fair and objective in dealing with subordinates.He must be free from bias and prejudice while becoming involved with his follower.His approach to any issue or problem should be objective and not based on any pressure,prejudice or preconceived notions. 3.Communication skills:

A leader should have the ability to persuade ,to inform,stimulate,direct and convince his subordinates.To achieve this a leader should have good communication skills. 4.Teaching skill:
A leader should have the ability to demonstrate how to accomplish a particular task. 5.Social skill:
A leader should understand his followers.He should be helpful,sympathetic and friendly.

In the words of Chester Barnard-“the essential aspect of the executive process is the sensing of the organization as a whole and the total situation relevant to it.It includes: 1.An understanding of...

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