Enduring Vision Chapter 30 Notes

Topics: Ronald Reagan, Jimmy Carter, Gerald Ford Pages: 5 (1882 words) Published: April 20, 2013
* Yuppies/VCRs/Three Mile Island
* Yuppies: young, urban professionals who wore ostentatious gear such Rolex watches or BMW cars. they came to symbolize the increased pursuit of wealth and materialism of Americans in the 1980s, represented decade of greed, stopped being radical, worried about weight. * VCRs: video cassette recorders became popular in the late 70's that allowed viewers to tape and view later their favorite programs and to rent movies on cassette. As entertainment became privatized, families stayed home with the VCR instead of going to the movies * Three Mile Island: 1979 an accident at the nuclear plant at this location that caused a radiation leak and forced the evacuation of 140,000 people near the site. the story made headlines around the world and seemed to confirm people's fears about nuclear power. * Roe v. Wade/Equal Rights Amendment (ERA)/AIDS/Moral Majority/televangelists * Roe v. Wade: the 1973 Supreme Court decision holding that a state ban on all abortions was unconstitutional. the decision forbade state control over abortions during the first trimester of pregnancy, permitted states to limit abortions to protect the mother's health in the second trimester, and permitted states to protect the fetus during the third trimester * Equal Rights Amendment (ERA): a constitutional amendment originally introduced in congress in 1923 and passed by congress in 1972, stating that "equality of rights under the law shall not be denied or abridged by the united states or by any state on account of sex." despite public support, the amendment failed to acquire the necessary support from three-fourths of the state legislatures. DID NOT RATIFY * AIDS: AIDS epidemic in the 1970s made many Americans more cautious in their sexual behavior. * Moral Majority: political organization of the United States which had an agenda of evangelical Christian-oriented political lobbying. Formed by Jerry Falwell. organization made up of conservative Christian political action committees which campaigned on issues its personnel believed were important to maintaining its Christian conception of moral law. this group pressured for legislation that would ban abortion and ban the states' acceptance of homosexuality. * Televangelists: ministers who would spread their messages via television networks * Gerald R. Ford/WIN/Mayaguez incident/Election of 1976

* Gerald R. Ford: Nixon’s vice president after Agnew resigned; he became the only president never to be elected. Taking office after Nixon resigned, he pardoned Nixon for all federal crimes that he "committed or may have committed." * WIN: “Whip Inflation Now” a program by the ford administration to curb inflation and dramatic price increases by putting pressure on businesses to lower prices and deter consumers from hording goods. Did not really work. Start due to OPEC * Mayaguez incident: in May of 1975, Cambodian communists seize the ship Mayaguez and 39 Americans are held hostage. In retaliation the president ordered bombing on Cambodia and the launch of a rescue mission * Election of 1976: Jimmy Carter/democrat vs. Gerald Ford/republican= carter wins * Jimmy Carter/Love Canal/Panama Canal Treaty/SALT II/Iran hostage crisis/Camp David * Jimmy Carter: from Georgia was viewed as a Washington "outsider" with no political ties and no scandals, people thought he would bring fresh ideas * stressed human rights. because of the soviet war in Afghanistan, he enacted an embargo on grain shipments to USSR and boycotted the 1980 Olympics in Moscow. Created the department of energy and the department of education. he was criticized for his return of the panama canal zone * Love Canal: a neighborhood in Niagara falls, New York, which became the subject of national and international attention, controversy, and eventual environmental notoriety following the discovery of...
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