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Topics: Management, Environmentalism, Business school Pages: 3 (899 words) Published: December 14, 2012
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___________________________________________________________________________________ ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT
School of Business Management, NMIMS
Trim: V (FIFTH)
____________________________________________________________________________________ Faculty Member Dr.Mrs. Bala Krishnamoorthy
Email Id: balak@nmims.edu Extn no. 5806
_____________________________________________________________________________________ Goals : Environmental concerns have an increasing impact on business success. To maintain their competitive advantage, corporate managers must stay ahead of the curve, shifting their focus from environmental management to environmental strategy. This course is concerned with how business can and should respond to environmental challenges. New technologies, untapped markets and regulatory innovations all present business opportunities must be seized by companies with foresight. The question is how to turn environment to a strategic advantage. The course explores the effects of environmentalism on corporate management, examining recent thinking on the role of environment in business, how environmental forces are driving change, how best to respond to external pressures, and how business managers can think about environmental issues in a strategic way. In particular, how business can, best respond to the pressures of regulation, markets, financial institutions, consumers and NGOs ? Objectives:

1. To examine the internal strategies adopted by business to improve its performance and to reduce its environmental risk and to describe and analyze evolving drivers of corporate environmental strategy; 2. To examine how external institutions create both opportunities and limitations for environmental strategy 3. How environmental threats can be incorporated into risk management, capital acquisition, competitive position and other management concerns 4. To explain corporate...
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