Elements of Realism

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Elements of Realism Essay

Due date:

Topic: Identify how one of the selections from Collection 4 fits the characteristics of realism. (A Mystery of Heroism, The Story of an Hour, or A Pair of Silk Stockings)
Length: 5 paragraphs

• Identify the selection you have chosen
• Identify realism as a style of writing during the Civil War period • Summarize the characteristics of realism (4)
• Thesis: last sentence that announces the topic of your essay; example: Harriet Jacobs told her story using the characteristics of realism.
Body 1-3:
• In each paragraph, begin by identifying the characteristics you are including in the paragraphs. • Include examples from the story that show the characteristics of realism.
• Thesis: rephrase your original thesis; example: Using the characteristics of realism, Harriet Jacobs shared her story. • Summarize the main points made in your essay.
• Final sentence: example: Harriet Jacobs told her story in a realistic way.
 Paper should be typed in size 12 font
 Double space
 The thesis goes in the last sentence of the first paragraph and the first sentence of the last paragraph  Remember to stay on topic; only talk about the story you have chosen  Be sure to include an example for each topic covered

 Be sure to use at least 4 characteristics

Sample Body Paragraphs:

Two characteristics of realism deal with the rejection of the larger than life character, and an emphasis on characters from a lower class. In “from Life of a Slave Girl” the main character fit both of these characteristics. Harriet Jacobs character, Linda, was simply a mother who relied on God for help. On page 473 she asks God for help, “I prayed to God…” Also, Linda was a house servant for the Flints; she was not free, as indicated in the title of the selection, “Incidents in the life of a Slave Girl.” Both examples show how realism is present in the...
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