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  • Published : April 24, 2013
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Tutorial to use the Tera Terminal with the MDE 8051 Trainer
This tutorial will assist you in linking the MDE 8051 trainer to the Tera Terminal. You will connect the trainer, configure the terminal, link the trainer to the system, download a hex file and run the downloaded program.

The Tera terminal is free and can be obtained at the following address: http://ttssh2.sourceforge.jp

Determine the PC Com port used
Open the Windows Control Panel, open the Device Manager and determine which Com port that you will use to connect to the trainer. Your instructor will provide assistance if you cannot determine the correct com port.

Connect the 8051 Trainer to the Personal Computer
The 8051 Trainer comes with AC-to-DC power Adaptor (5V) and DB-9 connector cable in which one side is DB-9 female and the other side is DB-9 male.

Connect the Serial 0 connector of the 8051 Trainer to serial port of the PC using DB-9 cable, as shown below. If your PC does not have any serial port then you must use a USB to serial cable.

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Connect power to the 8051 Trainer
Connect the power cable from a 5VDC, 1A regulated power adapter.

Start a Tera Terminal Session

On your personal computer, locate the Tera Terminal session.

icon and start a terminal

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Examine Tera Terminal New Connection
The Tera terminal will open with the following window.

Select the Serial option and chose the correct COM port.

This is the main terminal window.

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Take a moment and review the menu options.

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Configure the Tera Terminal
1. Locate the Setup Serial port menu option in the Tera terminal. 2. Select the Serial port… option.

3. Configure as follows: Select the correct COM port. Baud Rate Data Bits Parity Stop Bits 9600 8 none 1

Handshaking none

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Link the Tera Terminal to the Trainer
1. Put the Switch on PRG, as Shown bellow. (The PRG LED should light).

2. From the Tera...
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