Electrolux Case

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  • Published : October 22, 2012
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Case Electrolux

1. Geographical (North America and Europe) and Demographical market segmentation: stage of family life cycle, size of household, age, marital status (reaching mums and dads who have children or planning to have in all the world)

2. It was supportive as Electrolux was always known as ‚Thinking of you‘. A company took a new approach (young families with babies) which was not taken by anyone before. It also gives a sense that company cares about their clients. The Electrolux baby brochure project fits to a company‘s overall strategy.

3. Electrolux chose not to send brochures directly but through different channels. At first, their target audience was intermediares and media. When the intermediares and media were concerned the company started to target: a) Networks which own and distribute new mother info and sample packs in hospital. b) Paediatric offices providing large volumes to paediatric associations, gynaecologists and daycare centres. c) Family organisations, planning centres.

d) Retail chains for household appliances and chains for baby shops and supermarkets. e) Promo – team events.
The target groups are chosen well as through these channels target group can be easily reached. Ideas for other channels: kindergardens, schools (people who are planning to have a second or more babies), public parks, social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Youtube;

4. Instruments by which Electrolux promoted brochures:
f) Provide with appliances.
g) Ad as a free bonus to magazine.
h) Electronic format downloads on baby websites, chat sites, info sites.. i) Internal distribution to staff expecting a new baby.
j) CD-Rom for journalists allowing to get all information and picture files. k) Children books.
l) Sent directly if costumer order it.
m) Worldwide distribution through Electrolux PR global network with an intention to adapt to local needs (translation of language). The instruments are...
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