Elder Abuse

Topics: Pleading, Cause of action, Abuse Pages: 2 (268 words) Published: March 26, 2013
Main Purpose of the study: the relationships among selected risk factors and elder mistreatment in assisted living facilities (ALFs)

Use archived public data from Arizona to explore relationships among selected institutional and resident risk and situation specific factors and complaints and substantiated allegations of various types of mistreatment in assisted living facilities

An exploratory/descriptive 2-group design was used. Facilities in the complaint group were identified from narrative data that appeared suspicious for mistreatment based on definitions for physical, verbal, psychological, medication, sexual abuse, neglect, financial exploitation, and physical restraint. Facilities in the comparison group were those that had no citations or complaints in 2007–2008. Narrative were content analyzed, and chi-square analysis was used to answer 3 research questions.

Study variables (independent, dependent)

Independent= Complaint Group
Dependent Comparison Group
higher numbers of residents
Medicarecertified beds
institutional risk factors
into two interrelated categories, staff and institutional
characteristics, only the latter was relevant
to this investigation.
Facility size is an institutional risk factor for


Research questions:
1.What facility characteristics differentiate ALFs
that have complaints of mistreatment from
those that do not?
2. What facility risk, resident risk, and situationspecific
factors are associated with substantiated
allegations in ALFs?
3. In ALFs, are risk and situation-specific factors
different based on the type of mistreatment?

Methodology( how was the study carried out)
Population sample(where the data came from, age groups, who did the study): Study Participants(who was included in the study):
Limitations of the study:

If you were to do this study what would you change:
Author reccomendations of the study:
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