El Nido Palawan Adventure

Topics: Meaning of life, Life, English-language films Pages: 2 (403 words) Published: December 4, 2012
A Gift Rare and True
You came to my life in my darkest day.
No longer had I strength to carry on.
The mask I showed the world had slipped
And I had lost my will to be strong.
Searching my soul brought me nothing.
I wanted no more from the world
Than to be alone, an uninvolved stranger.
But, by not seeking, I found you.

A ray of sunshine entered my life.
A glimmer of dawn and days to come.
I discovered meaning, true meaning,
As I had never before found in myself.
I found hope, joy, love and laughter.
But also tears, self-doubt and longing.
I yearned to let my thoughts be revealed,
Yet I feared the loss of your light.

My joy in you flew high, but yet,
Revealing that joy brought sadness.
Would I lose that which I love by loving
or lose it by not loving enough?
Questions, never answers, filled my heart.
I doubt not my love, only the showing of it.
Yet it is a risk I gladly take
For I would rather lose by loving than by not.

To love and not give it freely
Is a crime I refuse to commit.
To love and not speak of it
Is a waste of beautiful words.
To love and not show it openly
Is to deny a precious gift.
Love is never given easily
So should not be lightly dismissed.

Love is a special emotion.
Found rarely and not often returned.
Blessed are those who love without question,
Without demanding love in return.
Loving while still unloved
Is the proof of profound depth.
This is the ultimate sacrifice,
To give of yourself with no demands.

To you, dear heart, I give my love.
Freely, for it is not meant to bind you.
Fully, for it is deeply felt.
Faithfully, to be your anchor
Through all storms.
Eternally, for it will never die.
I give to you of myself willingly.
Accept as you wish, light or serious.
I have spoken, the choice is yours.

Take time to consider fully
The meaning of these few lines.
They are only a part of all I have to give.
Yet I understand your reluctance.
Time is one thing I give you gladly,
For I...
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