Effects of Sleep Deprivation

Topics: Sleep deprivation, Sleep, Sleep debt Pages: 3 (1066 words) Published: November 30, 2012
Joey Hernandez
ENGL 1301.6020
2 November 2012
The most beautiful thing on the earth… Sleep.
Procrastination, the biggest downfall of the students across the educational world, many people joke on the subject, such as high schools throughout America claim to have a “procrastinators unite club” the joke being that the club is always uniting tomorrow. Every student has procrastinated at one point in their studies, whether it is last minute cramming for a big test or writing an explanatory synthesis seven hours before it’s due, pulling these all nighters as a developing young adult usually lead to negative side effects, just as Paul Martin says in the Passage A Third of Life. Pulling all nighters are mistakes we make because the lack of sleep impairs our performance of simple tasks, another side effect is that throughout the duration of the day, you will be drowsy, which has the potential to be extremely dangerous and finally, pulling an all-nighter causes stress and mood depressions.

First, I think that any sleep at all is better than none; even as little as 5 minutes can make a difference in attitude, mood and stress “Simple task as that you would normally have no trouble accomplishing start to become difficult” (Epstein 479) including tasks such as getting through the day, or even morning, with a good mood. Many people boast about being able to do anything and everything with very little to no sleep, which isn’t something that should be a social status. The national sleep foundation took a poll that showed “only 20% of adolescents get the recommended nine hours of sleep on school nights, and nearly on half (45%) sleep less than eight hours on school nights” (483); as the average teenage student life progresses different things become important to them; social gatherings, sleep and school begin to pile up.

The National Sleep Foundation clearly discovered that students are choosing to cut down on sleep. College students, high school students, and...
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