Effects of Homelessness on School Children's Education

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This is my powerpoint presentation for my research proposal. I'm proud of the progress that I've done on this topic. My proposal will be done in the next 24 hours.

What services can be provided to reduce affects of homelessness on the education of children?

Last School year over 27,000 students were homeless in Washington State. How is homeless classified?
No fixed, regular and adequate nighttime residence, which includes: shelters, vehicle, “doubling up,” motels or other temporary housing. Federal McKinney-Vento Education Act
WA gets $950,000 in funding each year. (roughly $35/child)

How does homeless affect kids? (ie: health)
What secondary factors to homelessness would affect their educational performance? (ie: transportation) What issues do you think would cause children to have a school mobility? (ie: peer bullying)

*School Mobility
*Switching schools numerous times
*Lack of Housing
*Moving locations often
*Place to study

*School Mobility
*Switching schools numerous times
*Lack of Housing
*Moving locations often
*Place to study

Fife -117 homeless students

Tacoma-1,247 homeless students

Seattle-1,872 homeless students

Census Data
OSPI (Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction)
School District Standardized Testing Scores

Study Students in a large and a small school district
Homeless/school mobility
School mobility
Housed, stable peers

Accuracy of reported numbers
Vulnerable population
Longintudinal Study desired but would be extremely difficult Accessibility of information
School districts willing to talk but must have a detailed discussion

I have the support of Superintendent of the district
Meetings and support of the Liason for the district and for the PSESD Census numbers readily available and mappable

Local Districts
Education Journals

Follow the Tacoma and Fife School...
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