Effects of Computer Games to Third Year High School Student’s Academic Studies

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  • Published : July 14, 2012
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Effects of Computer Games to Third Year High School Student’s Academic Studies

Mary Jane B. Perrera
Gouvernaille Krishna C. Diezmo
Liezl B. Ciar

Camarines Norte State College


This study is focus on the effects of computer games to the third year high school students on their academic studies. To know the different effects of computer games, the researchers conducted a survey to the said respondents. The researchers prepared three questions to the students to answer on how they really affect in playing computer games. The questions are focus on the benefits that they get from playing computer games and the negative effects of these games. And also, if the said issue affect their studies by playing computer games. This research will answer all the problems given regarding in playing computer games among the third year high school’s academic studies. It will provide all the information needed to conduct this study.

The purpose of this study is to determine the effects of computer games among the third year high school students on their academic studies. The researchers choose to conduct the research at Abaño Laboratory High School and conducted a survey to them to figure out these effects. Specifically, the research should answer the following questions: 1st, to know the benefits that they get by playing computer games, 2nd, the negative effects that they experienced from these games, and 3rd, if their studies are affected by playing computer games. The researchers found out that according to Funk (1993) identified computer game playing as a relatively high frequency activity among adolescents. Study has indicated gender differences in computer game playing habits, with males playing more frequently than females (Kaplan, 1983). Morlock, Nigolean and Yanto (1985) found reasons for this include: the game content, in that games tend to contain more masculine than feminine characters. Some studies suggested that the playing of computer games causes physical or psychological effects. Although computer game playing has not been implicated as a cause of severe psychopathology, some studies suggest some form of short term relationship between playing violent computer games and an increase in aggressive behavior. In addition, some studies have provided support for the argument that computer game playing is potentially addictive (Anderson & Ford, 1986). In response to the criticisms of computer games, some have claimed that there are creative and prosocial applications of such games, with stresses on physical rehabilitation (Lin & Lepper, 1983), educational value (Silverne, 1987) and the promotion of social interaction and growth (Favaro, 1982). It has been argued that the aggressive content of computer games actually allows players to release their stress and aggression in a non-destructive way and in fact has the effect of relaxing them (Bowman & Rotter, 1983; Kestenbaum & Weinstein, 1985). Method

The researchers conducted a normative survey concerning 30 third year high school students as respondents of the research at Abaño Laboratory High School. The ages of the said respondents are ranges from 13 to 15 years old. Specifically, there were 13 males and 17 females. They were given questionnaires so that the researchers can gather sufficient information regarding the susceptibility of the high school student to computer games.

Materials and Apparatus
Data were gathered by means of a questionnaire, the typical survey instrument. Library research was conducted for further information regarding the topic. Web browsing also helps in further explanation for related studies.

The researchers had to prioritize their activities to avoid wasting of time, effort and resources. At exactly 3:00 o’clock in the afternoon on March 4, 2011, the researchers conducted the survey. The researchers personally distributed the questionnaire to the respondents, guiding...
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